Best Security & Alarm Systems Wellington Wide

Our certified locksmith team has many years in the industry and know all there it to know about offering the best security systems for Wellington homes or offices. We provide a range of different systems for Wellington residents and are available now to field your questions on how to best secure your property. From lock upgrades to installing masterkey systems and alarm installations we offer an array of solutions.

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Whether your property is an apartment, home, school, factory or office you have only to call our experts now to receive all the advice and information you need. Below we’ve put together the main options you can undertake to reduce a risk of theft. These include:

Door & Windows Security

It is a fact that most burglaries occur rom insufficiently secured doors and windows. There are several ways to upgrade security and improve your home’s safety. Call our experts any day of the week and we’ll be able to offer quotes of the measures:

  • Deadlocking for sash-locks windows
  • Garage Door Security
  • Deadlocks for patio doors
  • Padlocks
  • Deadlocks/ Latchbolts
  • Deadbolts
  • Ranch slider locks on windows
  • Daylatch on sliding doors
  • Window deadlocks
  • Door chains & peep holes

Electronic Security in Wellington

Our electronic home security team which offer more advanced methods of office and home security. From mastery key systems to home alarm system Christchurch installations. Though the technology is advanced, installing high security locks is easier than you think and can be fitted as easily as other and door and window locks. Below we outline some of the various methods you can undertake to enjoy extra safety.

  • Master Key System Fittings
  • Restricted Security Keys
  • Digital Keypad Lock Installations
  • Swipe cards, fingerprint locks, combination keypad locks
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Key Cards

Best Security Alarms Wellington Wide

Our burglar alarm installation team offers dependable alarm systems. Such systems can be fitted without too much disruption and for less money than you might expect. From motion sensor installations to car alarms, you can call us for advice on car, office and house alarms now.

Other Services:

CCTV installation services: Keep your business or property safe by using trusty security cameras. Combined with home security alarms and monitoring systems, your commercial property will have maximum prevention against theft.

Home & Office safe + fault fittings: Our technicians and fit and repair every type of vault and safe, including: electronic safes, lock-boxes, wall safes, sentry safes, money safes as well as security boxes.

Call our home security Wellington experts today on 04 830 3498