Some Things You Might Not Know


Locksmithing is not a new occupation. Locks and keys have been around for a long time and as locks have grown more sophisticated over time, so too has the practice of being a locksmith. To become a able practitioner requires training in a number of skills. From cutting keys to unlocking your car door to upgrading your existing locks – a competent contractor must not just be versatile but also a master of each skill. Part carpenter, part technician, it is not quite as simple as we might assume (just take a look at this list to see what it takes to become a qualified practitioner!). Here at Wellington Locksmiths we like to think that a locksmith performs a valuable service to the community (we would, wouldn’t we?). Indispensible even? I mean can you imagine a world without us? You’d have to knock down a door to get into your own home! It’s not like in the movies where someone twists and a paper clip and easily gets into a secured room!

In fact there’s plenty most regular folks don’t know about our trade. So we’ve put together a few of the more surprising facts into a little visual that we hope might shed a little light on the practice and history of our profession.

But fun facts aside, we are here to help anyone with a lock-related problem. Our skilled contractors are available right now to handle any issue, emergency or otherwise. Please share around the visual and feel free to get in touch any time, night or day!